1. The World’s Smallest Thong - The C - String


    When I first saw this, I wondered one thing… how does it stay on?!  All I can gather is from some sort of revolutionary technological advance in underwear engineering.  Seems the only way I will know is if I actually buy one and try it out.  But if you do understand German there is one way you can find out for sure, at this website which shows videos of the product: http://www.fashioncstring.com/c-strings-on-test.

    It can also be used as lingerie (obviously) and as a bikini (what?!)

    Reviews on it are positive, but then again how many negative reviews would they publish?

    You can order here if interested: Cstringdirect.com

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      "how does it stay on?!" VERY POWERFUL BUTTCHEEKS
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